Hey there. Welcome to my creative habitat.

Colliding faith, style, and realness.

Hi there, my name is Fatima, known as Tima G, and I am a content creator and social media curator based out of Los Angeles, CA. In this platform, I showcase all things that I work on and love through writing and photography. These can range from recent photo projects to outfits of the day to sharing revelations of my journey as a follower of The Way, Jesus.

I believe there is power in sharing your personal journey to others so this website will always be running, as it has affected others in the past.

I hope you enjoy coming along this adventure with me, as I grow and develop in character and skill. Don’t be a stranger and follow me on IG (@TimaGStyle) + subscribe to my YouTube (TimaGStyle).

Hugs! ❤


For PR inquiries, business, and collaborations, please email timagstyle@gmail.com.

To book for styling, photography, and art direction, please email timagstyle@gmail.com

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