Hey everyone! It has absolutely been a while since my last post and to be honest with you, I was all over the place mentally for a hot minute. I didn’t really have a clear focus on many things, including what I was/am supposed to be doing this year, or even yet, this month.

In midst of it all, I told my closest circle that I struggled with discouragement and shame because the plans that I had did not go as planned, haha. From relocating, to having a new job or career path, and even creating more content, I was so blinded by the fact that what I wanted to see was still not there. Ironic, right?

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Soon enough though, I decided to run back to God and to repent for my distractions. I decided to get out of my funk and simply surrender what I was holding on to. I decided to repent for my own deception in not seeing what He saw for me in this season. I took some time to just cry out and only release things I was dealing with internally and in return God filled me with His love in a new way every single day.

Ever since I came to God in a new level of vulnerability, I have been learning so much about being a woman, about being an adult, about being a mature Christian, and about being a leader in this generation. This might seem like a lot all at once, but I LOVE to learn. I enjoy being taught, especially by the Holy Spirit. All because I chose to repent. All because I made a decision to focus on what was before me and not only on what is ahead.

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If you have recently found yourself in a rut of WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, be encouraged. It is OKAY. I am finding that we get so focused on goals at times, that we forget about our current mission. We forget to finish what we started. We get confused on what to do. We get muddled and all of a sudden there is nothing clear. Or we can get to the place where we are being consistent with what we are called to, yet still have no results. And this can also bring discouragement.

Like a good Father though, God is always there and He is willing to guide us with His right hand (Isaiah 41:13). Sometimes it might not be the way we envision it, but He is always leading us step by step (Psalms 37:23). Step by step! Dude that is SO hard! You only see your immediate next and not the step after. It can go in so many ways but man, your trust with God grows so much in those moments. Sometimes I think it takes more faith to follow step by step orders because it also requires submission and discipline.

It is so easy to have an end goal and try to figure it out as you go, in which is partly what God does, but more importantly, He was us to depend on Him. HIM. Not our understanding, not our practicality, but HIM.

There is so much joy and hope exerted when you obey what God is telling you to do. As hard as it can be at times, the peace of knowing that you are in the right place at the right is so freeing. All this to say: TRUST HIM. Focus on His orders. Finish this assignment strong. Run the race you were called to. Fix your eyes on the current goal. Discipline your attention. Be intentional about your energy placement. He is faithful to those who are faithful (Psalms 18:25).

Until next time..


*projects coming soon; be ready!*



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New year. New perspective.

The ending of 2016 was a weird one. One that challenged my faith, one that showed me weaknesses I didn’t even realize I had, one that seemed and felt unfinished.

Maybe I was the only one feeling that way, or maybe you still feel that way about 2016. I think it was a challenging year for a lot of people. I had many wins, but also many lessons that are still being taught and tested in my life. What are we supposed to do in the middle of this awkward tension? Do we quit? Do we say be gone and just pretend like everything is okay?

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With every single one of these opportunities to quit, I have learned to value my intimate moments with God more. In the midst of my struggles, I found myself more vulnerable with God than ever before. I am learning to be quiet, to be still, to open my mouth and be real, to keep the faith, to confess His word, to press through trials, to accept His grace when I don’t deserve it, to simply receive His love.

So many times we question God’s character because we don’t see results when we want to see them or how we want to see them. But this is really when our beliefs are tested and proved true. Do we still believe He is Healer when we get a cold or sprain an ankle? Do we still believe He is Provider when the promotion has not come yet? Do we still believe He is Comforter when we where backstabbed by our best friend? Do we still believe He is Truth when everyone at work lies and manipulates the rules just to get to the top?

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Clearly I have been thinking a lot about beliefs, faith, and God’s faithfulness in the last few weeks. Faith is such a wonder, such a mystery, but a sweet reality. I pray you faith becomes more real in your life this year. It is so simple yet because we overthink, we complicate it. And that’s when the tension begins to happen, leading to an opportunity of faith or doubt. I will admit that I began to doubt many things about my path, my career, my desires, my purpose. But even when I didn’t and still have not seen everything I thought I would have already, I still proclaim and believe He is Faithful.

To help my mind focus on His faithfulness and His Sovereignty, I am taking a break from social media and other things that I believe I need to pull way from. There is nothing wrong with social media, but I firmly believe that we can become consumed by it if not managed properly.

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I am doing this as part of our church’s 21 day fasting period this month. Fasting has never been so imperative in my life than this season. There are things that only can happen by us pulling away from distractions and simply being in tune with God intentionally. I pray you take the time and hear the Holy Spirit speak. Maybe you need to pull away from certain things in your life. It can range from food to hobbies to people. Just hear Him out. He will not lead you astray.

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I have so many expectations this year! For me, family, friends, church, and all of YOU my supporters. I love you all so much. I will be praying for all of you during this consecration time and would love to hear your thoughts on my blog, what you want to see more of, and even questions you might have about me. Share share share.

Talk to you in 21 days.

#LiveLimitless | Tima G. ❤


Life Update: Part 2

Many of you have been wondering why I haven’t moved as I said I would have by now. Although there are multiple variables in this equation, there is one major reason for the slight adjustment of my plans. At first, I hesitated to even say what I am about to express because I didn’t want to be embarrassed, I didn’t want to feel as if I could not meet deadlines, and among a plethora of other thoughts, I did not want to appear weak. But I know I have to because it is my responsibility to help others out in the same situation I am in or will be in.

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About two months ago, I had a meeting with my dear big brother/mentor/pastor/spiritual father. As I met with him, he was excited to hear me step out on faith but he also wanted to help me by guiding me with wisdom. So, what did he do? He gave me homework that included writing my vision, goals, and practical steps to achieve them.

I did my homework and a few weeks later, I presented the assignment to him. I was nervous but at the same time, I rested assured in what God had given me to accomplish in NYC. Needless to say the meeting was successful but it also gave me a different perspective.

My leader believed I should give my move a little more time before I jumped out on faith due to multiple factors not being solid YET. I say YET because they were/are being worked on and the answers have not been a solid YES. God is not a God of confusion (1 Cor. 14:33), and lowkey I was confused about some decisions I needed to make. Like a good leader, he did NOT force me to make the decision, but he confidently suggested that going to New York for two weeks would be a great time to EXPLORE the land to see what it was like, to see the people, the strongholds, the issues, the neighborhoods, the transportation, and everything in between.

Numbers 13:17-20

Then Moses sent them to spy (explore, scout) out the land of Canaan, and said to them, “Go up this way into the South, and go up to the mountains, and see what the land is like: whether the people who dwell in it are strong or weak, few or many; whether the land they dwell in is good or bad; whether the cities they inhabit are like camps or strongholds; whether the land is rich or poor; and whether there are forests there or not. Be of good courage. And bring some of the fruit of the land.” Now the time was the season of the first ripe grapes.

As soon as I got home, I prayed. But deep in my heart, I knew that this was the best decision for NOW. I took a couple of days and made my decision. And this decision gave me courage. I believe I would have added so much pressure to my life I would have been forced to get a side hustle to earn money, to find a home because hotels are oh so expensive, to make friendships happen, etc. Pressure is good in the right context; but this would have been too much too soon. Who knows what else could have happened if I would have moved on October 28th foreal!? We will never know.

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Wow. What a journey it’s been so far! Honestly, I have learned so many things from being in the middle of this leap of faith. The main thing I have learned is to be led by God but also consult with leaders you TRUST. The Word says in Hebrews 13:17 to “Obey your spiritual leaders, and do what they say. Their work is to watch over your souls, and they are accountable to God. Give them reason to do this with joy and not with sorrow. That would certainly not be for your benefit.” It is not because they rule your life; it is because their responsibility is to watch over your souls. Even if they make a mistake, they are accountable to God and God can restore it all. God honors submission/obedience. And truly, I would rather submit to someone whom I believe hears from God than to go out on a whim and pretend like I know what I am doing. Yes, it sucks to not be in the city right now, BUT I am thankful for leadership that cares about me and my future.

I encourage you to reach out to the people whom know your journey, your heart, and have your best interest in every aspect of life. Also, time is KEY but don’t feel pressured by it. I know I was. My mind has changed a little and I now use deadlines as markers to guide me along the right path. OH yea. Before I forget, know that it is okay if you do not meet a deadline.

Your purpose is still YOUR PURPOSE.

Your calling will not be taken back (Rom. 11:29); God is bigger than our plans and His will ALWAYS prevails (Prov. 19:21). If you have been stuck or feel like there is a delay, know that God is literally working it all out because He cares about it all (Rom. 8:28). Focus on HIM, not the task. HE is our reward (Gen. 15:1). And will always be.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or would like to contribute to my move, contact me at or via social media (IG/Snapchat: @timagstyle).

The date of my move is TBA but trust me, you guys will know!

Talk to you guys soon.

#LiveLimitless | Tima G. ❤

Who Are You?

In a world were we can easily crave to fit in, it has become the norm to follow after someone else and imitate what they wear, what they do, and essentially become who they are. Last night, I was spending time in the word of God and I heard the Holy Spirit ask, Who Are You? It caught me off guard because He is usually affirming who I am, and not asking me who I am. And to my surprise, instead of quoting scripture, I thought about what I did and not really who I was created to be.

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This made me listen to a sermon about courage, and in return, I can see that I will be am courageous. Every year I make it a priority to analyze evident patterns that help me see who I am. In example, last year I learned that I am very emotional but also persevering. This year, I am observing that I am moldable and willing. How can I choose these specific words to describe who I am? They come from the source I am taking the time to compare myself to—Jesus and His word.

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So I pose this question, who are you? Not what do you do, but who are you? Do you know who you are? Are you still trying to figure it out? That is totally okay. There are many things I have yet to uncover about myself, but I have an idea of who I am because of Whose I am. I want to encourage you to take the time to list things that are evident in your life that describe who you are. Set some time alone for yourself without distractions and begin to think of patterns or things you naturally expose to the world. Write it down. This list can serve as an affirmation list when trials come against you, when people label you, and when you are discouraged.

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I pray this helps you see yourself the way God sees you. He created you in a specific and unique way that He loves and enjoys. While there are worldly standards that man makes and attempts to achieve, God has already set in stone who we are. His standard is the only one worth comparing ourselves to.

And yet, O LORD, you are our Father.

We are the clay, and you are the potter.

We all are formed by your hand.

– Isaiah 64:8 

#LiveLimitless | Tima G. ❤


Just Be

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If I tell you to close your eyes and tell me what you think about when I say the phrase “end of the school year,” most likely your mind pondered on:

  • A dirty room and car, turning in assignments late, being overly caffeinated
  • Attempting to get all the extra credit possible, wishing of more sleep, barely making it through the day
  • Not taking anything, anyone, or yourself seriously
  • Having a 3.5 or above GPA, celebrating with your friends, and getting prepared for graduation

There are some people that stay on top of things, schedule their every move, and succeed in multiple areas of their life easily, or so it appears. Meanwhile, there is a few of us, that as we become consistent and have built up a momentum, we slowly get distracted and all of a sudden, BAM. What happened?! Everything is running behind.

When I began the school year, I slowly had to transition back into that “student” mindset because after graduation, classes and homework are the last things to think about. First and second quarters were fairly nice. But once I got to third quarter, my schedule and mind was affected. I began to slack off in some of my work and be as attentive as I was in the first two quarters. As much as I wanted to blame others, my job, etc., it was truly my fault. I had to be woken up, just a bit to see what was going on with me for a while.

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Last week, as I randomly woke up during the night to change my sleeping position, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Lethargy is trying to take you out.” I didn’t think much about it, so I went to sleep. But as soon as I woke up in the morning, I realized what this lethargic habit was doing to me.

In my devotional time, multiple times of me being lazy and nonchalant came to mind. From not working out on a regular basis, to having my off-campus classes behind schedule, I was immediately aware that I was being lethargic for a while.

I had to repent. I had to change how I thought and I had to ask the Lord to renew me. And He has.

Yesterday, I was reminded to this scripture. It is of Jesus speaking to the Pharisees (the religious, thinking they know it all people) about prayer. In previous scriptures, He emphasizes that they prayed in public settings to appear close to God, but in reality, the ones close to God begin their prayer at home.

“Here’s what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won’t be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace.” Matthew 6:6 (MSG)

After reading this passage, I was reminded that I needed to slow down, and just seek God honestly and simply. And not just that, but to JUST BE in His presence, to JUST BE honest and vulnerable, to JUST BE broken and admitting my weaknesses, fears, and even my prideful perspective, to JUST BE who Jesus designed me to be, to JUST BE loved by Him. As believers we can get in a religious schedule, like the Pharisees, doing what we have been taught. Do not get me wrong, we are supposed to do those things, but not just out a habit. It should be done out of the willingness of the heart.

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We make Christianity to much harder than it is because most of the time, we get in the way, “role-playing” what we think we should be doing. In reality, God wants us the way we are. Mad, sad, disappointed, joyful, amazed, surprised, etc.

This is just an encouragement to you, and to myself. You do not have to pretend to have it all together. You do not have to entertain God with your attempts of being a good Christian. We are saved by grace through faith, not through our works. This faith should empower us to walk in His ways, and the other way around. Clearly, I haven’t had my habits in a perfect path in a while and I had to be awakened from this lethargy. I cannot be lethargic when there is a purpose I am called to fulfill. It will distract me, slow me down, and people are not reached because of my ignorance. There is more to be done in the Kingdom of Jesus. Same for you! Get moving in faith, but even before that, JUST BE honest with God and repent. Ask Him to show you what your purpose is, what He wants you to do NOW, and JUST BE. And even if you do have it all together, I am pretty sure there is an area where God is the only One that can sustain, like the air we breathe. We are all to be humble and humility is a choice. Do not let this religious perspective (being full of ourselves) keep you from Jesus filling your heart. JUST BE real. Keep it 100 and let’s move forward.

#LiveLimitless || Tima G. ❤


It finally feels like fall. The clouds have covered the sunlight for the last two days, and I am obsessed. The crispy white lighting is phenomenal and of course we did a shoot (shout out to my little hermano).

Clearly the weather is colder, there are multiple comfort foods, and many want to snuggle with a blanket, or let’s be real, with someone. Although everyone has their own limitations on what to eat, who to hang out with, and what to do with their time, I have realized that it is in this colder weather that we tend to relax a little too much. I believe it is necessary to rest, to take breaks, to chill, to reflect, but just because the temperature is dropping does not mean that your convictions should as well.

Conviction: a fixed or firm belief; a formal declaration that someone is guilty (

Our thoughts can consume us slowly, with ideas that if we don’t take that very second, we will lose out on something in the end. I should eat the entire plate of food since I am paying for it. I should visit my “friend” after 10:30 at night because they had to work late. I should get those shoes now since I won’t have the extra money in December. I should not tell my boss I have been 10 late all this week and punched in the correct time I’m supposed to be there. We lack  awareness of  those small thoughts that have a snowball effect and in the long run end up controlling us.

So what am I saying here? That I like to pin-point your mistakes? Not at all. I am bringing awareness to my own life about exercising self-control and sharing my journey. Self control is not about knowing what to do correctly–we all have an idea of what is right, yet many of us do not do it. I lacked self-control in my eating habits for about two months; I was malnourishing my body. I lacked self-control in my shopping habits, going to the store every single week to see what I could add to my closet. I lacked self-control in not spending time with God consistently every morning and just trying to fit Him in my schedule. And so many more things….but I was convicted, brought awareness to these patterns and have allowed the Holy Spirit to help me change them.

“You may believe there’s nothing wrong with what you are doing, but keep it between yourself and God. Blessed are those who don’t feel guilty for doing something they have decided is right. But if you have doubts about whether or not you should eat something, you are sinning if you go ahead and do it. For you are not following your convictions. If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning.” Romans 14:22-23

Because I had doubts about certain decisions, I was missing the mark. I was jeopardizing my beliefs. I was straight up sinning. Sin is not just the big, obscure, and gargantuan action I take. It is the everyday action I take against the truth (God’s Word) and my personal beliefs.

Practically, I have limited my in take of sugar, coffee, fast food, and white flour. I have extended my shopping money for purchasing gifts for others and not just for self-gratification. I have an alarm that encourages me to get up earlier than usual to read God’s word and worship regardless of what I have going during the day. I am not being legalistic with these modifications; they are minute changes that help me be more productive and effective as a young believer. It might seem extreme to some. All I know and believe is that food, money, and time make up our daily lives and however we utilize them affect us in the long run.

What are YOU doing consistently that has overtaken your personal convictions? In what areas of your life have you lacked self-control? Take time and examine your everyday habits. And of course, be encouraged and know that God ALWAYS helps us in our weaknesses (2 Cor. 12:10). Know that you have a Best Friend that desires to help you be the best and the realest you (John 14:16). And know that God cares about the smallest things you care about as well (Psalm 37:23). Make goals and take the steps necessary to break the bad habits. Love you guys!


DETAILS- Denim Top: Thrifted; Jeans: Ross; Duster: F21; Adidas Superstars: Foot Locker

#LiveLimitless || Tima G. ❤


The more I am doing, the more I have to be dependent on God and His word. I have gone two days with only 4-5 hours of sleep in the last week alone (not the same as rest). Best believe, those two days I drank coffee like no other. I have two jobs in two different towns, in which I am more than thankful for, I am somewhat of a full-time bible school student at the best college, Victory Bible College (part time off-campus and part time on-campus), I coordinate social media for one of my jobs and the best local church ever, Transformation Church, and I am a co-facilitator for one of the multiple belong groups we have as a church. Among all these things, I try to stay fit by exercising when I can, I make time to spend with loved ones, and also try to make time for myself.

I am sure other people have it worse than I do, but I have never been so stretched in my life with time. College at OSU was awesome, and it was pretty challenging as well because I was a full-time student then and commuted every weekend back home to work and attend my church. But now, this year is beyond that because I am more mature, meaning I am able to handle more, meaning I am challenged in different areas, meaning I need more time management, meaning I have to plan, meaning I have to prioritize, meaning some things have to be cut off my life (permanently or for this season), meaning I have to grow up lol. Who really wants to grow up though? That only means responsibility, right?

So much responsibility, demand, and pressure can make you feel as if you are not enough, and let me tell you, I have lived my entire life with that mindset. Through bible school, my deepest thoughts (beliefs) have been challenged like C R A Z Y, specifically thinking that I am not enough.

Enough: as much; as many as required; sufficient; as much as necessary (

I picked up the mindset of not being “sufficient” or “as much as required” at a very young age, probably when I was in middle school. And through various situations, that thought was “strengthened” in a way that I began to believe that was the truth about me. But that is one of the biggest deceptions of the devil. When we truly believe in Jesus (the Word), we become One with Him/have agreement with Him (1 Cor. 6:17), just as He is One with the Father (John 10:30). This means He (the Word) becomes a part of us—Our Strength. I am not enough in my own strength—I fail very consistently in multiple areas. But by learning to lean on His strength and completely higher thinking (His Word), I have trained myself to think about His truth more than what I was raised to believe.

2 Cor. 12:9 “Each time he said, ‘My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.”

As I began to reflect on how much God has done for me thus far, I am completely overwhelmed by His love and grace. From being dreadfully insecure, to learning to manage my time efficiently, I am doing the small and the big things for His strength to be shown through my life, even when I fail at the age of 23. The only reason why I am complete and enough is because Christ is in my weaknesses and He enables my strengths.

Through learning to believe this daily and wholeheartedly, I have also been learning to enjoy it all, and when I say all, I mean all. It hurts to fail, especially coming from a background of straight A’s, always doing right/being the good girl, and trying to please people. But even this week, I have learned to laugh at ALL of my failing moments. I am not a clumsy person, but this week alone I have dropped more food on myself than ever and tripped way too often. My first response has been to be annoyed, mad, and just disappointed at myself! -___- But now, I have continuously burst out in laughter with the knowing that it is okay to fail and to not be always the “perfect” one. It is okay to have imperfections, it is okay to bump my head as I get in my car, it is okay for me to miss a step on the stairs; it is all okay. It is all part of the maturing process we are called to and I definitely am enjoying it all.

Be encouraged by God’s word. He delights being the strength of your life. So allow God’s Word to become just that. Don’t limit Him; live limitless.

Details| Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Jeans: Ross, Top: My job Beau and Arrow 🙂

Love you all!

-Tima G.