Trend: Off-Shoulder

Trends come and go. And when they come, they come strong. One of the trends (more of an essential for me) that I absolutely love is the off-shoulder ‘trend.’ It is such a beautiful and elegant design that allows people, like myself, that are modest and fashionable to show some skin in a tasteful way. I have personal standards I live by and one of them is not too much skin.

“How you measure when too much is too much,” you may ask? It goes back to my relationship with God,¬†my belief of self-respect, and presenting yourself the way you want to be approached.

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My tan lines are real. -_-

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[Details– Top: Old Navy, Jeans: Thrifted/Personalized, Shoes: F21]

How do you ladies wear your off shoulder clothing items? Are you a fan or not? What stores are your favorites to shop at for them? Comment below.

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Sometimes less is more. T-shirt, jeans, and dope shoes is what gets me through the day. And of course, great earrings.

Did I mention I LOVE MY NEW SHOES!?

[Details] Earrings & Shoes: Forever21, Jeans: J Brand, Top: Wild Fox

Also, I edited my video talking about being a blogger/vlogger and tips on how to do it. I’m having trouble uploading, so bare with me and it will be up soon! ūüôā

Have an awesome weekend!

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Summer Fashion Inspiration

 This might sound surprising to many of you who know me, but recently I have been very uninspired in my closet. :/

So what does a girl like me do? I take a break for a short time, and then after recuperating, I¬†browse through my favorite blogger’s IG’s. I do not strictly copy piece by piece on what they wear; but I do like to see what they wear, how they deliver¬†their personal¬†message, and then try things they do with my own twist.

In example, Kyrzayda’s mini skirt is cute—but not my style. Instead of using a skirt, I could¬†use jeans or a denim dress with my duster, and any of the sneakers I have.



Style is more of YOUR perspective than what you are wearing.

It is an internal liking that is displayed externally. Have fun with it! And do not be afraid to make mistakes. lol

Speaking of mistakes… I am sharing my 5 least favorite trends based on them not being my personal style OR not fitting my body type very soon. Both matter and should be considered when trying new trends.

Until the next post, here are some of my fave outfits these gals have been wearing:












Who are YOUR favorite fashion/style insirations? I want to check them out!

(Inspiration websites:,,,

Love you guys!

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Virtuous Beauty Xo Feature!


If you know me, you know that I love to connect with people on purpose. God connects us with people for specific reasons. Adam and Eve. Ruth and Boaz. David and Goliath. Jesus and the 12. Paul and Barnabas. The most fun and divine (seriously) way I have connected with people is through social media. I was connected with one of my big brothers on myspace and I turned my heart to Jesus months later. I love social media! Anyways, I am glad to say that recently I have connected with another awesome person — ALEXA FROM VIRTUOUSBEAUTYXO.COM.

She reached out to me and wanted to feature me on her page! I was like, ME?! But¬†of course I said YES. I am so honored to be featured in my soul sister’s website! She is absolutely in love with Jesus, beautiful, driven, hilarious, and intelligent. Without further due, here is the link to the article! VIRTUOUSBEAUTYXO.COM

Check it out and follow her on social media!

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Just Be

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If I tell you to close your eyes and tell me what you think about¬†when I say the phrase¬†“end of the school year,” most likely your mind pondered on:

  • A dirty room and car, turning in assignments late, being overly caffeinated
  • Attempting to get all the extra credit possible, wishing of more sleep, barely making it through the day
  • Not taking anything, anyone, or yourself seriously
  • Having a 3.5 or above GPA, celebrating with your friends, and getting prepared for graduation

There are some people that stay on top of things, schedule their every move, and succeed in multiple areas of their life easily, or so it appears. Meanwhile, there is a few of us, that as we become consistent and have built up a momentum, we slowly get distracted and all of a sudden, BAM. What happened?! Everything is running behind.

When I began the school year, I slowly had to transition back into that “student”¬†mindset because after graduation, classes and homework are the last things to think about. First and second quarters were fairly nice. But once I got to third quarter, my schedule and mind was affected. I began to slack off in some of my work and be as attentive as I was in the first two quarters. As much as I wanted to blame others, my job, etc., it was truly my fault. I had to¬†be¬†woken up,¬†just a bit to¬†see what was going on with me for a while.

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Last week, as I randomly woke up during the night to change my sleeping position, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Lethargy is trying to take you out.” I didn’t think much about it, so I went to sleep. But as soon as I woke up in the morning, I realized what this lethargic habit was doing to me.

In my devotional time, multiple times of me being lazy and nonchalant came to mind. From not working out on a regular basis, to having my off-campus classes behind schedule, I was immediately aware that I was being lethargic for a while.

I had to repent. I had to change how I thought and I had to ask the Lord to renew me. And He has.

Yesterday, I was reminded to this scripture. It is of Jesus speaking to the Pharisees (the religious, thinking they know it all people) about prayer. In previous scriptures, He emphasizes that they prayed in public settings to appear close to God, but in reality, the ones close to God begin their prayer at home.

‚ÄúHere‚Äôs what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won‚Äôt be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace.” Matthew 6:6 (MSG)

After reading this passage, I was reminded that I needed to slow down, and just seek God honestly and simply. And not just that, but to JUST BE in His presence, to JUST BE honest and vulnerable, to JUST BE broken and admitting my weaknesses, fears, and even my prideful perspective, to JUST BE who Jesus designed me to be, to JUST BE loved by Him. As believers we can get in a religious schedule, like the Pharisees, doing what we have been taught. Do not get me wrong, we are supposed to do those things, but not just out a habit. It should be done out of the willingness of the heart.

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We make Christianity to much harder than it is because most of the time, we get in the way, “role-playing” what we think we should be doing. In reality, God wants us the way we are. Mad, sad, disappointed, joyful, amazed, surprised, etc.

This is just an encouragement to you, and to myself. You do not have to pretend to have it all together. You do not have to entertain God with your attempts of being a good Christian. We are saved by grace through faith, not through our works. This faith should empower us to walk in His ways, and the other way around. Clearly, I haven’t had my habits in a perfect path in a while and I had to be awakened from this lethargy. I cannot be lethargic when there is a purpose I am called to fulfill. It will distract me, slow me down, and people are not reached because of my ignorance. There is more to be done in the Kingdom of Jesus. Same for you! Get moving in faith, but even before that, JUST BE honest with God and repent. Ask Him to show you what your purpose is, what He wants you to do NOW, and JUST BE. And even if you do have it all together, I am pretty sure there is an area where God is the only One that can sustain, like the air we breathe.¬†We are all to be humble and humility is a choice. Do not let this religious perspective (being full of ourselves) keep you from Jesus filling your heart. JUST BE real. Keep it 100 and let’s move forward.

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Trend: Revisited Denim

Western vibes has us thinking of the Gold Rush and the awesome invention of denim. I love jeans and denim tops, but I figured I would try something out of my comfort zone, like a dress, to rock this spring.

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Since most shift dresses look like potato sacks on me, I belted this with a western tribal printed belt I already had, and also paired the dress with more tribal accents, like the ones on my shoes. I love these!

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Shooting downtown is always my favorite. I feel at home. The structures, the heights, the industrial spirit, all of it is a YAY in my heart. ūüôā

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Nevertheless, I am glad I purchased this dress.

It was on sale ($8.99), looks super dope due to the raw edges, and I cannot wait to wear it again with sneakers or block-heeled sandals.

*Key to Shopping: Always look at the sale rack first. There are usually hidden gems in the chaotic mess. Just be patient and take a peek ūüėČ

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Are you going to try and wear denim dresses this summer? There are multiple variations of design, details, and colors, that I am sure you can find something for your taste and body-type.

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Details- Dress: F21, Belt: F21, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Sunnies: Tory Burch, Watch: Michael Kors

See you guys in my next post! I will be uploading the mini-vlog of my birthday celebration events.

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7 Before 24

My 24th birthday is next week, April 7th! I cannot believe this year flew by. Before I celebrate, I wanted to share 7 things I have learned as  a 23 year old since there are 7 days until my 24th!

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I sound like a grandma, but seriously, I love reflecting and preparing for the next season in life. I guess that is where God has graced me with His wisdom. & no grey hairs! Glory. lol

  1. Forgive
  2. Confront fears
  3. Dream big
  4. Love past what is visible
  5. Enjoy the moment
  6. Appreciate simplicity
  7. Always remain flexible

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As a new-born believer, I have had many instances where people “offend me” and I have had to deal with it internally and externally. In reality, I take offense against what was spoken (or not spoken!) and let it affect my heart. Drawn out confrontation caused the pain¬†to be deeper than if it was done in a more immediate manner. But even then, I realized that I was focused more¬†on my pain¬†than on the forgiving power of Jesus. I had to eventually¬†repent for holding people in contempt. Jesus tells us that if we “forgive those who sin against [us], [our]¬†heavenly Father will forgive [us] (Matt. 6:14). Because He forgave me, I am empowered to forgive others myself and should every time I take on an offense.

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The biggest fear I faced this year is probably the most rewarding yet. As I have previously talked about it in my First Quarter post, I decided to attend Victory Bible College 2 weeks before class started. How in the world did I make that decision so late? Let me tell you about my faith walk.

During the summer time, I was in a rough state. God was so kind and good to me though, He allowed me to go to the city of my biggest dreams for the low low. (insert shouting and praising music) I took this time to think through my life, reanalyze my dreams, and the Holy Spirit changed my complacency into courage. I decided in this trip that my deepest desires where not too big for God to fulfill, so I began to be attentive in my quiet time with Jesus for direction. During this time, I was also offered a job position that I had been qualified for way before I graduated college and it SEEMED so good I did not want to pass up the opportunity again. So I thought this season was going to be easy breezy, I was getting more Jesus, and I was going to be getting more money. LOL. Cool, sounds like a piece of cake right? Well…. During a conference, VBC’s school director made an announcement about attending and my spirit was quickened. It was surreal but at the same scary because this was not part of my plans for the fall. Needless to say, I applied, got accepted, and decided to attend. I remember waking up¬†the morning of orientation and telling God how little money I had, expressing all my fears, and releasing my anxious thoughts. But I went. I went in faith, not knowing where the money would come from, not knowing what to expect, not knowing anyone in the program. Guess what though? I am about to finish my first year, have new friends for life,¬†am expecting miracles, and have no debt to the school. Did I mention I have an awesome¬†GPA?¬†Hallelujah!

Whatever God tells you to do, GO FOR IT. He already made a way possible.

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There are IG posts about it. People’s businesses and organizations encourage it, marketing agencies use it for their strategies —DREAM BIG.¬†If you have ideas, plans, and desires that have not been done yet; go for it! It is powerful when you continue to repeat that dream¬†in your mind because it begins to match what is in your heart.¬†Because of that, you are able to move past¬†excuses,¬†self-limitations, and you¬†begin to make moves.

My professor, Dr. Miranda mentions that when the picture in your heart matches with the picture in Heaven, miracles happen. This is how the Kingdom of God is manifested in our daily lives. So now, I am dreaming, visualizing, and walking by the Spirit in order to see my dreams come alive.

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We all know people that can be annoying, that irritate our last nerve, and that we just want run from right? We are all different, therefore those differences can ultimately bring us together or draw us apart. Most of the time, we do not know how to treat those different from us, so we immediately want to avoid interaction with them. From coworkers to family, they can strike that one nerve that has the ability to send you to another language. But what I have learned is that love sees past the action and sees the heart. I might not see it physically, but what I do see on the outside reflects things that are going on internally (Luke 6:45).Just because someone does something I don’t agree with¬†should not mean I cannot be the light or show them love like Jesus did. Jesus looked for the lost, not avoid them. Jesus was attentive to what was needed internally, not what was expressed externally.

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Our generation has a tendency to want the next big thing, including myself. The iPhone. The Snapchat update. The new Yeezys. The best filter for your IG post. A better job.¬†But in the midst of this, we can lose the fulfillment of the present moment.¬†This¬†year alone¬†I have avoided social media more than any other years of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media; I oversee my own, my jobs, and my local church’s.¬†But¬†this entertainment¬†can¬†distract us from the¬†NOW¬†moment.¬†100% devoted attention is so rare these days! Let’s live life to the fullest in the moment.

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A roof, bed, shower, clothes, and food. A car without a note! Education! Going to Walmart without people in your face! Shopping in the mall with your girls without restraints. Reading the Bible without someone holding a gun to your head! Cmon. So many things we have access to are beautiful privileges we should be thankful for daily!

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I love the example of the rubber band. I have personally seen this myself as God was reminding me to stay flexible. When I braid my hair, I use tiny rubber bands that hold it together. There was one day I picked up a rubber band that was old. I had not used it probably in 2 months, so when i picked it up to use it, I began to stretch it and it immediately broke.

Two things learned from this example: when a rubber band is not used consistently, it  loses resistance power. It begins to be stagnant and can no longer be used for its purpose. And once the stagnation begins, it dries quickly to the point of breaking within one attempt of use! In every season, I have learned that we need to remain utilized, stretched, and able to draw back to our original position, spending time with the Lord for refreshing.

This post was longer than I planned, but I love to share what God teaches me with you guys. I cannot wait to show all of you my next fashion post, and of course, my birthday shoot. ūüėÄ

Until next time….

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Spring 16 Look Book

If you have been wandering what to invest in fashion for the spring, you can use this video as guide to not be overwhelmed by the runway dramatics. lol

Here is the actual link for you to share! ūüôā -> ¬†¬†

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Love you guys!

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Trend: The Bomber Jacket


All of the guys I know have one. Some of the girls I know own one. Yet, I borrow one from my brother’s closet–HEY TONY. ūüėÄ

The infamous bomber jacket has been around since the fall, but it was revamped in the Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show streets. They have been completely exaggerated in length, detailed, and ultimately the statement piece of multiple outfits. Here are some of my favorites:



I was trying to avoid wearing one of these because they consume my petit frame. Also,¬†I don’t own one at the moment; I borrow my brother’s. I love them, but I often think athletic styles are better in the men’s department. After all, this is a men’s inspired jacket.


I balanced out the street-style outerwear with a feminine dress and heels. Who doesn’t love a sleek and unexpected look?


I also love love love this dress I got from H&M on my Miami trip. It is perfectly designed, an appropriate length, and chic enough to wear casually or out for dinner. ūüėČ


Among others, I love the bomber trend. It’s a nice update to the classic denim or leather jacket, in which I will both wear until I die. lol. And of course, I love white in the spring. It is refreshing and a reminder that it is okay to start things over.

I cannot wait to show you guys¬†more trends and how I personally style them. How do you or would you rock the bomber jacket trend? Let me know! I need some inspiration too. ūüôā

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Updates: February Love and March Madness

Amazing Photo By: Ryanne Gordon (@rib_of_man)



It has been about two months since I have written a post… I know, I know! All the consistency I had going and then I crash. What happened? Let me catch you guys on what has been going on in my life.

The month of February was full of tasks, rethinking, and analyzing the vision I have for my life this year. In short, February was grind time internally and at home. I had plate full of school work, multiple shifts on same day basis, and the free time I did have, I spent it myself to rest. It was a busy month but of course, I took time to majorly enjoy it in two different occasions.

Valentine’s Day!

“But wait, aren’t you single?”

Well…. Here is the big announcement..

I AM. lol

This year, instead of being grumpy, feeling lonely and forgotten about, God reminded me to have fun on February 13th. According to some women, this day is called Galentine‚Äôs Day. I saw the idea¬†on my job’s IG. I began to think and asked one of my friends¬†if¬†she could host¬†a “Galentine’s”¬†party at her house.¬†She loved the idea¬†and¬†to my surprise, it¬†turned out to be an event for multiple single ladies I know. The idea came out of the blue (more of¬†the Holy Spirit¬†lol)¬†but in return gave me an opportunity to embrace singleness, sisterhood, and the simple things in life.



During this time we all enjoyed yummy food, snacks, and took pictures like no other. I loved every single moment and I didn’t even remember I was single! I felt comfortable in my own skin, around the gals, and completely free! (In which reminds me of the importance of friendships that allow you to be YOU and YOU alone. Cherish those :D)


Then two weeks later, the turnup was R E A L. Three of my good friends and I took a weekend trip to one of the most beautiful spots in America—Miami, Florida.

part 1part 3

We decided to do a night flight for convenience with everyone’s schedules, more like mine lol, and because airfare is usually less expensive. It was the first time for me flying at night and I actually loved it!

4ab1ah1part 2ab456

Previous to this trip, I had never been to the beach before, so that was another great FIRST checked off my list. The water was perfectly blue, the sand was powdery soft, and the eclectic culture was BEAUTIFUL. I think one of my favorite precious memories there was enjoying speaking Spanglish naturally with all my Cubans, Dominicans, and Argentinians. AHHH! Just thinking about it makes me smile all over again.

Here is the Miami 2016 Vlog to get a better feel of the trip ūüėČ

We definitely bonded as friends/sisters and cannot wait to travel some more together and individually.

2 Major Keys I Learned Overall: a. Take a vacation at least twice a year. b. God is consistently working, even when you are on “break.”

part 11part 8ry4part 9ab2ry3part 5rypart 4part 6part 7cc3

COOL MOMENT: WE ALL GOT TO MEET CHAD VEACH! He just released his new book, Unreasonable Hope, about God’s grace in situations we don’t comprehend. He gets to share his faith journey with his lovely daughter, Georgia. And I found out he is MEXICAN. So practically, we are like best friend¬†cousins now. haha.


In conclusion, I have definitely been doing things that I enjoy not only as Fatima the cool Mexican, but also as the single, secure, adventurous, and young person that I am. Through the month of February, I realized that being me is fine. I am enough. I am perfect the way I am because God is with me and for me.


I have embraced much of my flaws, my weaknesses, and this is leading me to come out with a video about my journey of Singleness.

Yes, about me being s i n g l e.

I have always rejected talking about this topic because it has such a negative connotation, my girls and I are in the same boat, and people always ask me why I am not in a relationship.


Dude, I don‚Äôt know why. LOL. But what I do know is that I am finally truly accepting this awesome time of my life and being purposeful in all the decisions I make to extract the best out of it. ūüėÄ

This video will be up within the next month, probably after my birthday weekend! So bare with me as I prepare, record, edit, and then share.

Last but not least, thank you all for being in my life, accepting what I let you guys see of my life, and encouraging me to continue to do what I love to do—inspire you all through my daily walk. Whether it is fashion, the Word of God, or just a random hello in person that connected us, I am grateful for all of you following this blogger/vlogger.

In my DJ Khaled’s voice, “JUST KNOW” it will only get better from here.

Love you guys!

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