The Blog


Have you ever wanted to share random thoughts on topics, ideas, and just interesting things yet never really had a platform to do it?

Yea, I get it too. I feel like this all the time and honestly, have neglected sharing because sometimes I feel like no one will listen or care. But you know what I have learned over these two years of hiatus? We all have a unique voice and people DO care about what we have to say.

It took me a while to realize this since I moved to LA. I felt like my voice was drowned in the middle of the capital of content creators. Yet I realized no one was speaking my language SPECIFICALLY. So I am here to dust off my writing skills and start doing it again.

My goal in sharing blog posts is to share my faith journey, my fashion experiments, my beauty tips, and ultimately to keep it ONE HUNID, you hear me?

Relax, grab a snack, and enjoy.