Hola people! My name is Fatima Gomez, but known as Tima G. I recently started TRPLE Mag. I enjoy telling stories through my modern and sentimental perspective. I lived in Mexico up til the age of 9, was raised in OK for the rest of my adolescent years, and moved on a crazy faith journey to LA one year ago to pursue multiple dreams that are slowly beginning to unfold.

I aspire to be one that shifts + challenges culture while surpassing the status-quo. I love Jesus, have many standards, value my beliefs, and I want to display His excellence and creativity to the world through various media.

Random Facts About Me:

I am still transitioning to living in California. I love dark chocolate. I research new music quite often. I am attracted to all black, white, tan, and denim clothing items. I wear boots year round, except when I am in the hot IE. I love my curly hair and want to cut it short so the curls can be super tight. I love learning about different cultures + ethnicities. You will never find my closet without jeans and a leather jacket. I live my style from the inside out and want to inspire others while doing it.

For business inquiries, partnerships, or collaborations, please email me at

Keep up with me on social media:

IG & SNAPCHAT: @timagstyle

Join me + let’s LIVE LIMITLESS.

Tima G. ❤


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