Although I really don’t have many, I love statement tees.


When I saw this one at H&M, I knew I needed to get it. At first I didn’t get the full significance of it, but the more I have worn it, the more I have realized I want to embrace every moment I live.



I’m a vision-driven person, and I love that about myself. What I fail to do often though is to relax and enjoy the ride as I pursue my dreams.

To all those dreamers, goal-setters, and perfectionists, I want to remind you to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. It is great to work towards what you envision, but I think we need to do a better job at celebrating the breaths we have to achieve those goals.

Btw, this whole outfit was so my jam this weekend. I lowkey took risks, and I am so glad I did. 😉  Top is from H&M, denim is from American Eagle, boots from my so loved Zara, and earrings from F21.

Shoutout to one of my best friends as well for my black and rose gold bracelet! Shop her website at Ryanne G.


❤ Video update will be released soon! I cannot wait to share what has been going on in my life so YOU can be encouraged and inspired.

Love you guys.

#LiveLimitless | Tima G.

Published by TIMA G STYLE

Hi everyone. My name is Fatima but known as Tima G. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I am addicted to dark chocolate foods. I am a visual-aesthetic enthusiast. I am attracted to all black clothing items and wear boots year round. I adore everything curly hair. I love multi-ethnicities. I am Mexicana. You will never find my closet without at least three leather jackets. I live my style from the inside out and want to inspire others while doing it. Join me and LIVE LIMITLESS.

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