Summer Fashion Inspiration

 This might sound surprising to many of you who know me, but recently I have been very uninspired in my closet. :/

So what does a girl like me do? I take a break for a short time, and then after recuperating, I browse through my favorite blogger’s IG’s. I do not strictly copy piece by piece on what they wear; but I do like to see what they wear, how they deliver their personal message, and then try things they do with my own twist.

In example, Kyrzayda’s mini skirt is cute—but not my style. Instead of using a skirt, I could use jeans or a denim dress with my duster, and any of the sneakers I have.



Style is more of YOUR perspective than what you are wearing.

It is an internal liking that is displayed externally. Have fun with it! And do not be afraid to make mistakes. lol

Speaking of mistakes… I am sharing my 5 least favorite trends based on them not being my personal style OR not fitting my body type very soon. Both matter and should be considered when trying new trends.

Until the next post, here are some of my fave outfits these gals have been wearing:












Who are YOUR favorite fashion/style insirations? I want to check them out!

(Inspiration websites:,,,

Love you guys!

#LiveLimitless | Tima G. ❤


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