R o a d s


The definition of a road is: a wide way leading from one place to another AND/OR a series of events or a course of action that will lead to a particular outcome.

This last week I have been learning a lot about who I am, what I am supposed to do in life, and how I can contribute to the world. In order for me to know this, I had/have to choose what way of life I want to take. Being a young adult, I have faced many decisions (series of events/roads) to chose from. The first one, of course, living a life as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ or another philosophy/set of beliefs. Second, choosing daily to dig in the Bible AND apply its principles in my life or to live by the moment. Third, living a lifestyle of purity, by abstaining from sex, drunkenness, among other things that do not necessarily add or strengthen my relationship with God or do what I want with whom I want. And fourth, allowing God to lead my life and not leading it myself. All of these roads I am taking are not the easiest, since I am surrounded by different perspectives, cultural beliefs, circumstances, etc. Everyone on planet earth faces multiple roads daily in their personal lives as well, but I find that the common thread of humanity, possibly the greatest/most dangerous decision we have to face is choosing who is leading our lives. Is it yourself? Parent’s approval? The boyfriend you want to get married to? The money you have been taught to chase? Before I go on, please do not think I am by any means trying to condemn or put anyone down, because I have had to take a step back myself and choose, DAILY. Thoughts like, “I dream to,” or “I want to make a name for myself,” or “If I could just have ____, I would be satisfied” are good things, but we have to understand that a life after temporary things is a life that leads to shortcomings.

When I was younger, I had no intentions of living a life for God. First of all, I did not even know what that meant, so doing it was out of my view. I wanted to become the best me, for me, and to satisfy me. That’s great, right? Well, you see, in my own perspective, I led myself to this list of events: MULTIPLE short lived hurting relationships, CONSISTENT weekends with parties of crime scenes, cussing out family members, disobeying parents, and even betraying my so called “friends.”

“There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.”

Proverbs 14:12 (NLT Version)

With my own perspective and limited human knowledge, I thought that what I was doing was the life that was best lived and led. Heck yea, it was fun while it lasted, but every night after those moments I continued to feel empty, like there was more to life than just that small decision on the road I was leading. There had to be a better road to take. When the verse says “death,” it is not just speaking about the end of our bodies, but it is also talking about our CURRENT hope, dreams, beliefs, relationships, & even our desire to live, which can lead to suicide. I lived this life. My hope was coming to an end, so much it led me to be depressed in college. This all comes from the road that SEEMS to be the answer to our dissatisfaction.

“Just as death and destruction [SHORTCOMINGS] are never satisfied, so human desire is never satisfied.”

-Prov. 27:20 (NLT Version)

My HUMAN desires are never satisfied. When I am hungry, I eat, but my stomach keeps wanting more knowing I am full. When I scroll through IG, I want to continue to do it, until it is past 12:30 am and I have to work at in 6 hours. When I buy current fashion trends, I purchase them, knowing I will want more than I need. Why?! Because our desires never stop. They will always be there. It is up to us to chose who and what is leading our lives.

Details | Hat and Accesories: Forever 21, Jeans: JC Penny, Denim Top: Thrifted, Sneakers: H&M, Glasses: Bobbi Brown

The bottom line is we are in control of our lives because of the decision ability that we were born with. Yet in this ability, we have an opportunity to allow Someone greater to help us out on which road to take. So many series of events/decisions lead to specific outcomes, good and bad—but I am thankful that God allows us join His awesome ROAD with Jesus on our side everyday LEADING us through His Word and His Holy Spirit.

I want to challenge you to read His word, and allow God to change the road you take in life. Yes it is #UNCOMFORTABLE, word to Andy Mineo, but it LEADS to great results. So much, that an eternal life is promised. Always remember, a predictable life is a life not worth living; yet a life full of dependency on God is worth risking. #LiveLimitless

Love you!

Tima G. ❤

Published by TIMA G STYLE

Hi everyone. My name is Fatima but known as Tima G. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I am addicted to dark chocolate foods. I am a visual-aesthetic enthusiast. I am attracted to all black clothing items and wear boots year round. I adore everything curly hair. I love multi-ethnicities. I am Mexicana. You will never find my closet without at least three leather jackets. I live my style from the inside out and want to inspire others while doing it. Join me and LIVE LIMITLESS.

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