Shades of Gray

I have never heard of anyone like iffy difficult situations, where there is a lot of mystery, a lot of curiosity, and ultimately a lot of unknown. This makes me think of the grayscale. This scale ultimately is composed of the gradients between black and white. And there are more than 200 shades of grey ( Um… That’s a lot. Although the chances of the human eye to recognize the difference between all of those shades put together in a line is slim, the same happens when life hits us this way. We come to multiple situations where we do not know what to do, how it is going to turn out, what is next, who is there, who won’t be there, will it work, and so on. All these shades of gray make you question life.

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I have recently (and more than usual) began to ask God why certain situations arise without us being even aware. He simply gave me the word FAITH.

Now, I know I can get real spiritual quickly because I am a firm believer in my God, but let’s be honest…how can anyone have hope, joy, and simply even assurance in this world full of UNKNOWN and UNCERTAIN things to the logical mind? It is honestly impossible. How do I know this? Because I, myself, need FAITH to move forward. I have tried to figure out things with my intellect and sometimes it fails me. But having FAITH does not. Faith is an ingredient that we all as humanity need to live to the fullest capacity we were created to. Faith is believing firmly that what I hope for will be mine.

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I struggle with so many issues, especially in my thought process (CMON LEFT BRAIN PEOPLE). I am so logical, sometimes having FAITH does not make sense. I was not raised in a full FAITH believing family; it was more about doing and doing and doing; not about expecting. Regardless, I had an emptiness and longing inside of me for something better. I was getting tired of trying to make things happen. I got burnt out. There was NO WAY I was to live a life full of poverty while I saw my parents try to make money, full of insecurity while I tried to be liked by people, full of fear while I tried to believe in my own strength, full of perverted thoughts while I was thought as the “good girl”, full of lying while I was pretending to be nice, full of cussing while I wanted to fit in, full of putting others down while I was jealous, full of horrible dreams while I thought my life was worthless—–full of hopelessness. If that was the case, why were I and other people born into this?

All I know is that FAITH (believing for something greater becoming mine) is a promise we all can have! I have experienced it myself. I don’t believe in supporting things that I do not believe myself, but FAITH is a great thing we can all get easily by believing daily that God is for us and not against us. It has completely changed my perspective on life, how I handle my money, how I talk to others, how I dress, how I present myself, how I work with people, how I drive when other people can’t drive (biased) LOL. Seriously, faith is essential in our lives–we simply have to believe and accept what is ours already. 🙂


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Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


Top: Rue21. Tailored Vest: Harod’s (Thrifted). Pants: JcPenny. Necklace: Rue21. Shoes: H&M

Love you! Live Limitless.

Tima G. ❤

Published by TIMA G STYLE

Hi everyone. My name is Fatima but known as Tima G. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I am addicted to dark chocolate foods. I am a visual-aesthetic enthusiast. I am attracted to all black clothing items and wear boots year round. I adore everything curly hair. I love multi-ethnicities. I am Mexicana. You will never find my closet without at least three leather jackets. I live my style from the inside out and want to inspire others while doing it. Join me and LIVE LIMITLESS.

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